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Pinehaven Community Picnic

posted 19 Mar 2019, 22:15 by Kenneth Dixon   [ updated 19 Mar 2019, 22:24 ]

Pinehaven Community Picnic
Pinehaven Hall, 5a Forest Road
4pm, Sunday 24 March 2019

Hi Pinehaveners,
It’s been a week like no other we’ve ever faced. As we struggle to come to terms
with the events of last Friday, maintaining our strong community connections has
become even more important.

The PPA invites you all to a shared BYO picnic at the Pinehaven Hall this Sunday, 24th March. All you need to bring is a picnic blanket and food to enjoy… or just come along for a cup of tea and some company.
We’ll be weaving woolen hearts onto the chain link fence outside the Hall as a show of love and support for our community and all those affected in Christchurch.
We don’t have much time to get the word out, so please share this invitation with your neighbours and friends so everyone knows it’s happening – as many that can join in the better!

We’re all stronger together.


posted 21 Nov 2018, 21:28 by Kenneth Dixon   [ updated 21 Nov 2018, 21:28 ]

On Tuesday evening 27 November 2018 a Rogaine is being held in Pinehaven.  
A Rogaine is a fun team orienteering event in which you visit as many controls marked on a map as you can in the time limit.  You have a question/answer sheet to record your answer at each visited control.  You can walk or run and visit controls in any order.  Each control is worth points but you lose points for every minute you are late back.

It starts at the Silverpine Scout Hall in the Pinehaven Reserve.  The one-hour team event is an easy walk/jog around the suburbs of Pinehaven and Silverstream with some small excursions into bush areas.  All are welcome to take part.  

Between 5:45pm and 6:10pm you can pay your registration fee of $8/adult, $5/child, $20/family and pick up your map and question sheet. 
Plan your route until the briefing at 6:20pm.  The event starts at 6:30pm and ends at 7:30pm. 

There is also a harder 3-hour event, 6pm - 9pm, with registration and map collection at 5:25pm - see

Organisers: Pat van Berkel & Ocean Mercier, Orienteering Hutt Valley


posted 10 Nov 2018, 18:47 by Kenneth Dixon   [ updated 10 Nov 2018, 18:48 ]


posted 6 Oct 2018, 22:02 by Kenneth Dixon   [ updated 15 Oct 2018, 23:10 ]


It’s that time of year again. Local residents are invited to come along to the PPA AGM and hear what’s kept the Committee busy over the last 12 months, and plans for the year ahead.

After many years of volunteering, a number of Committee members will be stepping down this year. If you’re a keen Pinehaven resident who’d like to get in amongst it and share your stories, skills and expertise for a great cause, please take this chance to get involved. Serving your community as a PPA Committee member is a hugely rewarding experience, and it’d be great to welcome some new faces to the team.

By becoming a PPA member and paying your 2018/19 subscription of $5 on the night, you’ll be entitled to voting rights on AGM agenda items, including the 2018/19 elections.

AGM meeting papers are be available below

We look forward to seeing you there!

Pinehaven Community Hall
Wednesday 24 October 2018


August Newsletter

posted 30 Aug 2018, 23:12 by Kenneth Dixon   [ updated 30 Aug 2018, 23:12 ]
Thanks to Carol and contributors for the latest Newsletter.
It can be downloaded here

Metlink Service Changes

posted 6 May 2018, 00:04 by Kenneth Dixon   [ updated 6 May 2018, 00:06 ]

In the coming months, we’re improving our public transport network, helping commuter, students, visitors, day-trippers – in fact everyone – to connect to what’s great in our region. We need a network that can carry more people to more places. As part of this improvement, from Sunday 17 June 2018 there will be changes to school and public bus services in the Hutt Valley. The changes in the Hutt Valley are:

New bus services
From Monday 18 June 2018, there will be a new weekday service for Riverstone Terraces. The new route 113 will have four bus trips into Upper Hutt in the morning and then four return bus trips in the afternoon and evening. Twelve new bus stops have been installed.

From 23 June 2018, these areas will have Saturday services:
  • Belmont (route 145) – 24 new Saturday trips
  • Korokoro (route 154) – 12 new Saturday tripsStokes Valley Heights (route 121) – 26 new Saturday trips
  • Trentham (route 114) – 23 new Saturday trips
  • Pinehaven (route 115) – 12 new Saturday trips.

Transfer between all Metlink buses at no extra cost with Snapper
You’ll be able to transfer at no extra cost between all Metlink buses (within 30 minutes of tagging off) anywhere in the Hutt Valley. You’ll have to use Snapper to pay, not cash.
From Sunday 15 July 2018, your Snapper card will allow you to transfer at no extra cost on all Metlink buses in the Wellington region.

Minor changes to bus timetables
We’re making minor changes to bus timetables in the Hutt Valley so there are more reliable connections with the new train timetable to be introduced from Sunday 15 July 2018.
There will also be a minor change to bus N8 after-midnight departure times from Lower Hutt to Courtenay Place. When our bus timetables change on Sunday 17 June, the connections between bus and rail services will not be perfect until new rail timetables come into effect. Please bear with us during these changes and check your new bus timetable carefully.

Changes to school buses
We are working with schools to keep them up to date on changes to Metlink school bus routes, timetables, tickets and passes in Terms 2 and 3. More information will soon be available at

Metlink lime and yellow buses are on their way
We won’t be getting all our new buses at once, so please bear with us. If you’re catching a bus, please check the number and destination – rather than the colour of the bus.

More changes coming
From Sunday 15 July 2018, there will be further changes to public transport in the region. These include fares, more frequent off-peak trains on the Hutt Valley and Kapiti lines, and further region-wide improvements to bus routes and timetables, including a new bus network for Wellington city.   Detailed information on these changes will be provided in advance.

Find out more
More information on the changes will soon be on
You can also sign up for updates about the changes to Metlink services.

April Newsletter

posted 15 Apr 2018, 22:45 by Kenneth Dixon   [ updated 15 Apr 2018, 22:45 ]
Thanks to Carol and contributors for the latest newsletter.
It can be downloaded here.
Past editions are available here.

PPA 75th Anniversary Celebration

posted 25 Dec 2017, 20:24 by Kenneth Dixon   [ updated 4 Jan 2018, 20:24 ]

On Saturday, 27 January 2017 the Pinehaven Progressive Association (PPA) is celebrating 
75 years in the community!
Established as an incorporated society in 1942, the PPA is a volunteer organisation focused on promoting, developing, enhancing and protecting the interests of thePinehaven community and its residents.
You can read more about the history of Pinehaven here
We’d love for you to join us in celebrating our beautiful and very special community.

Family Get-Together

12-2.30pm Saturday, 27 January 2018
Pinehaven Community Hall

Pack your hamper and picnic blanket and come along to the Hall for a sausage sizzle, memorabilia and unveiling of new signage for the Hall.
The PPA encourages everyone to pack a picnic and participate in what promises to be a fun-filled afternoon.
If anyone has photos or memories they’d like to share, please email to tell us more. Pinehaven is such a special place to many – seeing and hearing each other’s stories is a great way to acknowledge and remember its history.

Trivia Night

7pm, Saturday, 27 January 2018
Pinehaven Community Hall

This is your chance to flex your brainpower and be in to win some great prizes.
There will be canapés and refreshments served, and a cash bar available on the night.*
We guarantee you’re going to have fun!
Tickets are $35 each and tables are limited so you’ll need to be in quick to get a spot.
Email or phone PPA President David Brown on 04 973 9947 to book.
Once your ticket has been confirmed, you can pay by cash or internet banking to account no 03-0774-0857067-00** You’ll then be sent your ticket.

* Note there won’t be any EFTPOS facility available.
** Due to limited tickets unfortunately there won’t be any door sales.

Joining the PPA

Being a small, volunteer-based organisation, the PPA relies on donations to continue its work in the community and to maintain the jewel in our crown – the Pinehaven Hall.
PPA members are residents of Pinehaven who assist in community development and environmental protection, keep other residents informed of local issues affecting the area, and represent residents’ views with relevant authorities in relation to such issues.
If you’d like to help out by making a donation to the work of the PPA, or if you’d like to join as a member, it’s easy to do! You can either make your contribution by internet banking to account no 03-0774-0857067-00, or simply complete a PPA membership application form.
All help and support, and the generosity of the Pinehaven community, is gratefully received and very much appreciated.

We look forward to seeing you on the 27th January!

December 2017 Newsletter

posted 16 Dec 2017, 08:49 by Kenneth Dixon   [ updated 16 Dec 2017, 08:50 ]
Thanks to Carol and contributors for the latest PPA Newsletter. 

This edition can be downloaded here

Past editions are also available here 

Weed of the Moment: Sycamore

posted 15 Dec 2017, 19:47 by Kenneth Dixon   [ updated 15 Dec 2017, 19:47 ]

We’ve made great progress on getting old man’s beard under control in Pinehaven.  Thanks to all who have helped.  

I’d like to draw your attention to another pest plant that is very common around here: sycamore.  It’s a medium-sized tree, a member of the maple family.  It has smooth grey bark and bluish-green leaves shaped like the leaf on the Canadian flag.  It produces yellow/reddish winged “helicopter” seed capsules containing two seeds.  There are some mature examples beside the library.

Sycamores produce many long-lived, well-dispersed seeds that can germinate and flourish under shade, so it can invade existing vegetation, including bush.  It is very aggressive.  It releases toxins into the soil through its roots to stop other plants growing near it.  This means it can take over bush areas by excluding native plants.

One redeeming feature is that it makes superb firewood.  If you have sycamore growing on your place - and the chances are that you do - you might consider cutting them down and putting them through your wood burner.

Small ones can be pulled or dug out.  Leave them somewhere to dry out before disposing of them - don’t put them in your compost.  Large trees can be either drilled and poisoned, or cut down, but if you cut them down you MUST poison the stump to prevent regrowth.  Detailed instructions can be found on: - go to Weed Information and look for Sycamore.

If you want advice feel free to contact Chris Cosslett on

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