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June 2021 Newsletter

posted 19 Jun 2021, 01:18 by Kenneth Dixon   [ updated 19 Jun 2021, 01:23 ]
Thanks to Carol and contributors for the latest Pinehaven Newsletter.
This can be downloaded here

August 2020 Newsletter

posted 2 Sept 2020, 00:41 by Kenneth Dixon   [ updated 2 Sept 2020, 00:42 ]
Thanks to Carol and contributors for the latest Pinehaven Newsletter.
This can be downloaded here

Fill the Bubble Competition

posted 22 Apr 2020, 12:56 by Kenneth Dixon   [ updated 22 Apr 2020, 16:08 ]

As we sit in our little bubbles, the good folks at the PPA thought that our fellow Pinehavenites may be interested in a competition to stimulate the mind – for all ages.

On the noticeboard you will see the guy with a speech bubble but with nothing much to say.

We have six blank speech bubbles to allow locals to test their humorous writing skills by filling the bubble with a witticism no longer than 48 characters - excluding spaces.

It must be original.

Entries for the first bubble must be in by Saturday 25th April – after that randomly….

Winners will get nothing but a minor shot at local fame and their names published on our website and facebook page.       

So get your fellow bubblefolk together and come up with the first winning entry.

Send your entries to

Competition rules:

  1. Maximum of 48 characters excluding spaces
  2. A comment on anything is welcome
  3. Must be witty – can be witty and wise
  4. Cannot be nasty or offensive
  5. Must be witty – can be witty and poignant
  6. Close off date/time at the whim of the PPA committee
  7. Must be original
  8. Prize for each round is the honour of having your words in the bubble.
  9. Must be witty – can be witty and topical
  10. Email entries to 
  11. Six opportunities to fill the bubble
  12. Judges’ decision is final – (PPA Committee is the judging panel unfortunately)

Heartfelt Thank You

posted 21 Dec 2019, 11:02 by Kenneth Dixon   [ updated 21 Dec 2019, 11:03 ]

The story goes like this.

I moved to 60 Pinehaven road on the first of November. Only a few weeks later I suffered a serious accident at home which resulted in a fractured eye socket, a number of tears to my retina in my eye and a nasty gash to my head.

When the accident occurred I was at home on my own and I was not able to call an ambulance as I could not see out of one eye and I had to much blood running down my face to see properly out of my other. I walked out to the street to call for help and instantly had several people stop on the side of the road to help me and they called an ambulance.

As I was sitting in hospital I was blown away by the willingness of these people to help. It would freak a lot of people out seeing a guy walk out on the street with blood pouring down his face but non the less these people stopped and helped me out in a very calm and collected manner. What an interesting way to be welcomed to this new community in pine haven.  I’m so thankful to have loving people around that care for other peoples well being that they will stop everything in their busy schedule for the day to help a brother out.

If these people who helped read this message then I would like to use this opportunity to personally thank you for your help. I would love it if you dropped a note in my letter box with your name and number so that I can have you guys around for a BBQ over summer to thank you.

Dec 2019 Newsletter

posted 13 Dec 2019, 17:10 by Kenneth Dixon   [ updated 13 Dec 2019, 17:11 ]
Thanks to Carol and contributors for the latest PPA Community Newsletter.
It can be downloaded from HERE

Pinehaven Progressive Association AGM 2019

posted 21 Oct 2019, 23:17 by Kenneth Dixon   [ updated 21 Oct 2019, 23:18 ]

Please join us for this year's PPA AGM.

    Wednesday 30 October 2019
    PPA community Hall

August Newsletter

posted 7 Sept 2019, 15:22 by Kenneth Dixon   [ updated 7 Sept 2019, 15:23 ]

Thanks to Carol and contributors for the latest Pinehaven Newsletter.
Please download from here

April Newsletter

posted 18 Apr 2019, 22:43 by Kenneth Dixon   [ updated 18 Apr 2019, 22:44 ]
Thanks to Carol and contributors for the latest Pinehaven Newsletter.
Please download from here

Pinehaven Hall desperately needs attention

posted 18 Apr 2019, 22:30 by Kenneth Dixon   [ updated 18 Apr 2019, 22:31 ]

The future of Pinehaven Hall is in doubt following a recent assessment of its 
structure, cladding, fixtures and fittings.
The cost of maintaining the Hall has historically been met through income received from Pinehaven residents and local groups for its hire, and through the donated time, skills and resources of Pinehaven Progressive Association (PPA) Committee members and local volunteers.

“Looking after the Hall on behalf of the community is a key responsibility of the PPA,” says former PPA President David Brown, “but unfortunately the work it now needs to bring it up to a reasonable standard is beyond that which we’re able to achieve on our own.”
“We’re hoping the wider community will get in behind us to help restore this special feature of Pinehaven that we’ve been entrusted to protect.”

Built by locals in 1945 from the recycled remnants of early ships arriving in 
Wellington Harbour, the Hall originally stood next to the old community swimming
pool. Both were a popular picnic destination, together with the nearby tearooms.
The pool was filled in and the Hall’s lawn extended over it in 2004. A few years later the Hall’s roof was replaced, and the toilets and kitchen upgraded.

Last year, as part of the PPA’s celebration of 75 years in the community, volunteers gave the entrance a new coat of paint – including a bright yellow front door – and new signage was installed.
A community orchard has since been planted, new heaters installed (thanks to the generosity of Upper Hutt Cosmopolitan Club through a community grant), and volunteers also continue to help out – whether that be by being on the lawn-
roster, managing hire bookings or assisting with odd jobs.
But now more significant work has become critical. Replacing rotten wooden window frames and weatherboards destroyed by borer is costly, and to help with meeting the costs, the PPA is seeking assistance from members of the community.

“There are lots of ways people can help,” says David. “Donations either in the form of directly contributing to costs, or by local tradespeople donating their time and skills to getting the work done, is what’s really needed to ensure the Hall remains available for use by the community for generations to come.”

The PPA is determined to protect the historical value of the Hall and hopes residents will also be passionate about saving its legacy as a local treasure.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

To contribute funds, you can donate via internet banking to:
  • PPA, account number 03-0774-0857067-00 reference SAVE OUR HALL
To let us know you’re a local tradie and keen to be involved, please:
To book the Hall for your next event, please:

Pinehaven Community Picnic

posted 19 Mar 2019, 22:15 by Kenneth Dixon   [ updated 19 Mar 2019, 22:24 ]

Pinehaven Community Picnic
Pinehaven Hall, 5a Forest Road
4pm, Sunday 24 March 2019

Hi Pinehaveners,
It’s been a week like no other we’ve ever faced. As we struggle to come to terms
with the events of last Friday, maintaining our strong community connections has
become even more important.

The PPA invites you all to a shared BYO picnic at the Pinehaven Hall this Sunday, 24th March. All you need to bring is a picnic blanket and food to enjoy… or just come along for a cup of tea and some company.
We’ll be weaving woolen hearts onto the chain link fence outside the Hall as a show of love and support for our community and all those affected in Christchurch.
We don’t have much time to get the word out, so please share this invitation with your neighbours and friends so everyone knows it’s happening – as many that can join in the better!

We’re all stronger together.

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