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Heartfelt Thank You

posted 21 Dec 2019, 11:02 by Kenneth Dixon   [ updated 21 Dec 2019, 11:03 ]
The story goes like this.

I moved to 60 Pinehaven road on the first of November. Only a few weeks later I suffered a serious accident at home which resulted in a fractured eye socket, a number of tears to my retina in my eye and a nasty gash to my head.

When the accident occurred I was at home on my own and I was not able to call an ambulance as I could not see out of one eye and I had to much blood running down my face to see properly out of my other. I walked out to the street to call for help and instantly had several people stop on the side of the road to help me and they called an ambulance.

As I was sitting in hospital I was blown away by the willingness of these people to help. It would freak a lot of people out seeing a guy walk out on the street with blood pouring down his face but non the less these people stopped and helped me out in a very calm and collected manner. What an interesting way to be welcomed to this new community in pine haven.  I’m so thankful to have loving people around that care for other peoples well being that they will stop everything in their busy schedule for the day to help a brother out.

If these people who helped read this message then I would like to use this opportunity to personally thank you for your help. I would love it if you dropped a note in my letter box with your name and number so that I can have you guys around for a BBQ over summer to thank you.