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Rogaine Event

posted 22 Jul 2016, 23:57 by Kenneth Dixon   [ updated 22 Jul 2016, 23:57 ]

A night rogaine (like orienteering) is being held in the hills and flats of Pinehaven and Silverstream on Tuesday 9 August.  So this is a warning that there may be people clambering around hills with head torches shining between trees, or people crashing around and, dare I say it, swearing, as they change their mind about a shortcut.  But most people will be taking their time, exploring tracks, finding the control points, and happily returning to base at the finish time or earlier. 

You are welcome to take part – in teams of 2 or more people (for safety, as it is night time).  Children are best partnered with an adult.  To find out more about our night rogaines see .  The actual event is described at

The three-hour course is 6-9pm with maps available at 5:20pm and briefing at 5:50pm.  Pre-enter as usual for a discount and to help our planning (see wellyrog web page above for cost and other details).  Half the controls are urban and half hills but the territory covered in the hills is far greater, with a mixture of local tracks and forest roads.  The tops of the hills are exposed so be prepared especially if it is windy or raining. 

For the one-hour course enter on the night anytime after 6:00pm.  The cost is $8 ($4 for under 21) per person. Compulsory briefing is at 6:20pm and the course is 6:30 – 7:30pm.  For each minute late back after 7:30pm, 5 points will be deducted from your total score.  Most of the controls are urban with just a few in the bush.

Hot soup will be available at the end of the one-hour course and pizza at the end of the three-hour course. Start/finish location is at the back of the Pinehaven School Hall on Pinehaven Road.  Planners are Pat van Berkel and Ocean Mercier.  

For more information, feel free to ring Pat van Berkel, 5288072 or 021 1459 789.