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Meet the Candidates

Here is a chance to meet local body candidates in person before the election.


Election Results

Mary Archibald
Blair Griffiths*
John Gwilliam
Paul Lambert*
Glenn McArthur
Angela McLeod*
Dean Rabbitt
Hellen Swales
Steve Taylor*
Dave Wheeler

* = New Councillors. 

The meeting will be held Tuesday 17th Sept 7.30pm at the Pinehaven school hall.

The candidates were invited to provide a short biography and a response to the question: "Will you support keeping the Pinehaven Branch Library in existence?"

Here are the responses in the order in which they were received:

Adrian Sparrow - Attending

Lived in Wyndham Road, Whitemans Valley, and now Ebdentown. Member of the Community Patrol, Instructor at the Martial Art Academy and, when self-employed, on the Experience Upper Hutt Board. Currently runs Risk & Assurance for a multi-national IT company, previously did the same for The Treasury and MAF. Keen to bring that experience to improve productivity at the Council and stop perpetual rate rises.

Regarding the Pinehaven library:
Yes, until it is proven to be no longer viable.

John Gwilliam - Attending

I was born and bred in Upper Hutt and attended Heretaunga College.  I have been a lawyer working in Upper Hutt for over 25 years and for the last 20 years have owned and operated my own legal practice. I was Chair of the inaugural Board of trustees at Silverstream School and more recently Chair of the Board of Trustees at St Oran's College.
With a number of experienced councillors retiring I believe it is important that the new council have the depth of experience that I can bring.  Strong leadership is required as Upper Hutt enters the most challenging period of its history with reorganisation proposals currently being considered by the Local Government Commission for the Wellington region.

Regarding the Pinehaven library:
The future of the Pinehaven Library is very much in the hands of the Pinehaven Community - use or lose it.  However with the growth of the internet the nature of library services is also changing.  Rather than think of the Pinehaven library as just a library we should be thinking more broadly than this.  How can we better utilise this important community asset?  That is something I would like to hear about from the Pinehaven Community.

Bob McLellan - Attending

I have lived in Upper Hutt for 40 years, married to Lynne who has been here for 60.  I have a background in corporate and small business.  I am a life member of the Upper Hutt United Cricket Club.  In the last two years I have attended many Council meetings, made submissions and engaged with Councillors regularly so I am familiar with Council process and current projects.  Councillors should have enough free time to engage with the community. I am partly retired and have that time.  I think Upper Hutt is a great place to live and that we can do better for our community.

Regarding the Pinehaven library:
I am a strong supporter of public libraries.  We have a wonderful library in Upper Hutt and the Pinehaven branch should be supported by the Council to reach the same standards.

Dean Rabbitt - Attending

Two Term Councillor
Honesty, integrity, passion, pride. I understand council procedures, planning and policy, and participate constructively and effectively in representing the interests of the community and the council. I can relate to a wide range of people and take a balanced approach to identifying, analysing and considering options. 
I am determined to ensure the best possible outcomes for Upper Hutt City. Amalgamation is not the answer. Let’s ensure our young people grow up with pride in their city and environment, and make responsible family and community based decisions, keeping Upper Hutt a great place to live.
Local man, local loyalties, local solutions.

Regarding the Pinehaven library:
During the past three years there have been two occasions when the viability of the Pinehaven Branch Library was questioned at my City Services meetings. On the first occasion, councillor interest had been solely financial but Councillor Christianson made clear the point that this was not a valid measure of the worth of the library to the community. On the second occasion, door count and borrowing figures suggested that usage was declining. At this stage I compared it to the main library which no longer functions solely as a “book repository” but provides computer and internet access and related programmes as well as hosting many community roles. I support increasing the usefulness of the Pinehaven library, not getting rid of it.

Wayne Guppy - Attending

Educated St Patricks’ College Silverstream.  Doctor of Pharmacy Degree, University of Nebraska, USA.  Mayor since 2001.  Married to Sue, two daughters Sarita and Madison.  Also current chair of the Wellington Mayoral Forum for the last six years.  Represent Upper Hutt on all the regional committees including transport, civil defence, emergency management, regional amenities and Wellington Regional Strategy.  I believe Upper Hutt needs and deserves a strong, trusted, proven voice who’ll continue to lead this Council with vision and make decisions to ensure the community is poised to benefit from the improving economy.  And this election is about Upper Hutt’s future and understanding the issues that have arisen particularly regarding the regional governance discussions.

Regarding the Pinehaven library:
History will show that every time it has been voted in Council to keep it open I have always voted ‘yes’ to this and I will continue to support it.

Dr Karl Rogers - Attending

I moved to Upper Hutt in 1985 to work as a scientist at Wallaceville Research Centre.  I have continued to live here after leaving the research centre to work in Lower Hutt and Wellington. 
I am now a patent attorney and lawyer.  I am married to Kathie and we have lived in Upper Hutt for over 25 years while bringing up 3 children. 
My past community involvement includes six years on the Heretaunga College Board of Trustees, of which I am currently chairman.  I am also a past president of the Upper Hutt Toastmasters club.

Regarding the Pinehaven library:
I support keeping the Pinehaven Library.  I regard spending on libraries as one of the more important uses of rates.

Margaret Craigie - Attending

Regarding the Pinehaven library:
I believe the library should be kept.

Dave Wheeler - Attending

First term councillor, born and bred in Upper Hutt.  Director of Wheelers Shoes celebrating our 44th birthday this 
I have strong ethics, values and principles.  My vision is to see a healthy, vibrant and safe CBD.  I am also an active member of Upper Hutt's community patrol, keeping our city safer for all.
I have the passion, energy and the experience of local issues.  Keeping our rates as low as possible and fighting a possible supercity amalgamation is a priority.

Regarding the Pinehaven library:
I do support Pinehaven's library and its community but my concern is not about its existence but rather how can we better utilise its facilities.
Looking for new and innovative ways in which it can perform different functions, with the help and collaboration of the community and city council staff is where the answer lies.

Steve Taylor - Attending

At age 31, I offer a much needed fresh perspective into the future of our city.  I want low rates, smart use of debt, a more active efficient council, and better value for ratepayers.
As Director of Rasha Taylor Couture, Wellington Top Shop Overall Winner 2012, I understand the importance of small business and a vibrant retail sector.  Volunteering with Upper Hutt Community Rescue and Night Patrol shows my commitment to community safety.
I have served in the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra as a professional Double Bassist for over 12 years.  We are currently recording the 2nd Hobbit soundtrack.

Regarding the Pinehaven library:
I am a big supporter of libraries.  My mother was a librarian and drilled into me the importance of library accessibility. I remember attending Pinehaven Library back in 1991-92 as part of my early education at HIBS.  I would like to ensure that Pinehaven Library offers cost effective services to local residents, particularly in the area of Senior accessibility.  It would be very sad to see it closed.

Tracey Ultra - Attending

My husband and I have lived in Upper Hutt for 20 years and have 3 children.  I resigned from my job as a veterinary nurse to have my first child 13 years ago and continued raising orphaned wildlife at home.  I trained as a volunteer for La Leche League, planning and facilitating meetings, providing telephone help and home visits for new mothers. The wellbeing of children and their families is important to me.  I currently volunteer at the Pinehaven school Kapa Haka group and teach music.
I want to maintain an independent Upper Hutt with publicly owned assets and a community led council.

Regarding the Pinehaven library:
I support keeping the Pinehaven library open.  The community has strongly opposed previous attempts to shut it down. 
I have been reading about small libraries running seed banks to increase visitor numbers and develop plants which are hardy to the local climate, I would support this initiative for Pinehaven library.
A student homework station with internet access and a printer would be a good service for local teenagers.

Paul Richard Brown  - Not Attending

Born and bred in Central Hawkes Bay, home is now Trentham.
32 year old bachelor.
Have been working at the same place for 11 years, gaining experience at all levels working my way up from a Temporary employee to Warehouse Supervisor.
EPMU delegate for six years gaining experience working through redundancies and restructuring.
Sporting interests ranging from darts and golf to rugby league and fight sports.
I do not own a vehicle and practice active and public transport.
I live in Upper Hutt Because of it's natural beauty and want to keep it that way.

Regarding the Pinehaven library:
Yes keep the library open.

Katy Austin - Attending

I have completed two previous terms on Council and are now seeking re-election.  My background is in Health, Education and Business.  
I was previously a resident of Pinehaven so appreciate the special nature of the area.
I support maintaining Upper Hutt’s autonomy but encourage working cooperatively with our neighbours.  Careful long term planning for growth of the City is essential.  Maintenance of high quality recreation and leisure facilities and encouraging  businesses to fill the Main Street again will help to make Upper Hutt exactly the right place to live.

Regarding the Pinehaven library:
If it can be shown that the Pinehaven Library is being well used and not incurring costs it should be supported to remain open.  ‘Use it or lose it’ should be applied not only to the Pinehaven Library but to any Council facility. Sadly we do not have the luxury of spending money on a facility for a few to benefit.

Harry Dale Kent - Attending

I was elected to Upper Hutt City Council for three terms: 1977 to 1983 and 1988 to 1992.  I was the Deputy Chairman of the Development Co-Ordination Committee (Town Planning and Resource Management Act 1991), and a member of the Judicial Committee.
Valuation New Zealand and the Corporate Services Officers of the Upper Hutt City Council have, for too many years, illegally persecuted our Suburban Commercial Rated business.
I have not enjoyed their efforts to assist the dedicated developers.  I am very annoyed with these corrupt local authorities. Professional insured thugs will not intimidate me.

Regarding the Pinehaven library:
I will support keeping the Pinehaven Branch Library in existence.

Angela McLeod - Attending

I have lived in Upper Hutt all my life and I’m passionate about our city and environment.  I want to: put our interests first; fight to keep us out of a Super city; strengthen our local economy and community; upgrade all our train stations; keep our water publicly owned, from source to tap; clean up the Hutt River and build an effective rural strategy.  
My husband (Mac) and I live on a lifestyle block in Whiteman’s Valley and we own a local retail business.
I have been and continue to be, involved with local and national civil society groups.

Regarding the Pinehaven library:
Will you support keeping the Pinehaven Branch Library in existence?  Yes I will.  I believe that libraries are an important part of any community and I'd like to hear from the Pinehaven community and other users as to further services they'd like to see provided.

Michael Bott - Attending

I live in and own a small successful business in Upper Hutt. I love the place. Her people have been good to me.  I want to give back. I'm running for the Upper Hutt City Council because I believe in community democracy and being part of a caring community.  As a former labourer, cancer survivor and practising barrister I know about life, hard work and offer my life experience and skills to help our community.  I also know first hand about the need to have a professional and well run council.  In my professional life I regularly use my skills as an advocate to fight for my clients. Now I want to use my skills to assist my community.  I want to be part of a team offering my skills and strong voice for our community in these times of change and I care about the impact of government decisions on citizens.

Regarding the Pinehaven library:
There is a wider debate about the structure of libraries with the rise of "e-books", and whether they are needed in their current format at all, when people can access books online.  I think this ignores the social aspect of libraries. 
We become less of a community if we are all at home accessing the outside world via computer screens.  If a community like Pinehaven support their branch library and patronise it, then my instinct is that it should remain open.  Communities are not just enriched by libraries, they serve as a community focal point, providing a place for people to meet and discuss issues.

Paul Lambert - Attending

I have been a resident of Upper Hutt for over 14 years and very active in many parts of the community-Lions –artsheritage –business groups-sport –UH Brass Band and always ready to help others.
Having worked as a staff member for local government in the Wellington Region including Upper Hutt City, I understand that residents expect action from councillors and I have the time and passion to do it.  I have already made a difference in our city.
I will support residents’ clear messages on the level of rates and I am aware of the importance of Upper Hutt’s urban and rural mix.

Regarding the Pinehaven library:
My wife is a librarian so I am close to the action.  Look at the success of our Main Library if Council and Community work together –this needs to be the continued focus at Pinehaven for its future to be secure .

Hellen Swales - Attending

When returning to New Zealand opportunities were limitless in Wellington but we chose Upper Hutt.  Our son has returned with his wife and we are proud grandparents to twin boys.
We’ve had a business in Upper Hutt, I was the Director of Experience Upper Hutt for 6 years, I served on Hutt Valley Samaritans, Philip and I are members of the Upper Hutt Community Patrol, Chair of the taskforce for Legislation for Business and Professional Women.
I want to see more economic development.  We need to be prosperous, nurture a safe community and ensure we are affordable but not to the detriment of growth.  I offer fresh ideas, energy and strong leadership to navigate us through the next term.

Regarding the Pinehaven library:
I have always supported the continuation of the Pinehaven Library to stay open.  I see it more than just a library it is a hub and because of that I would like to see the community use it more.  Look at what other community activities can be hosted in the library.

Glenn McArthur - Attending

A current city councillor I am a lifetime Upper Hutt resident and married to Lorraine with three adult children, Gerad, Paul and Kelly.  I have a strong background in community and sports administration and currently chair the management committee of Collision Youth Centre.  I am also a Committee member of the Alive project. Fully involved on all council sub committees I wish to continue with a second term with the priority being to ensure Upper Hutt retains its own governance as wanted by most Upper Hutt residents.  I believe Upper Hutt can retain its independence and maintain a strong voice while contributing to the greater Wellington region.  
I want to be fully involved in the review of the Urban Strategy, the planned Rural Strategy and completion of the successful Maidstone Park redevelopment as all will contribute to planned sustainable growth for Upper Hutt’s business, urban and rural community.

Regarding the Pinehaven library:
I support keeping the Pinehaven Branch Library in existence provided the Pinehaven community can support the service.  It is imperative that UHCC provide services there that are relevant to the community and complement the library service.  It has historically been a proven valuable community service for Pinehaven but recent attendance figures (past 2 years or so) have shown a decline in use by the community.  I think it is time that the services offered are reviewed and perhaps the community needs to be surveyed to see what services would better attract community interest and use?

Rob Rangi - Attending

I live in Trentham with my family and own a business in the Upper Hutt CBD.  I am a former Police Officer, Rotarian and board member of numerous community organisations and trusts, as well as having served six years as a Councillor in Porirua. 
I have been involved in the hospitality industry for over 20 years and I get to see and talk to a lot of people in the community.  I want to see Upper Hutt continue with it's positive growth, while establishing a balance between industry, retail, employment and leisure, encompassing interests of all ages.  Economic development and the success of our business community have direct benefits to the future of the city and it's people.

Regarding the Pinehaven library:
With regards to the Pinehaven Branch Library, I will support its continuation on the grounds that it remains a viable asset to the community.  Otherwise 'use it or lose it'.

Rattan Prakash - Attending

I am a Kiwi and a proud resident of Riverstone.  I have called Upper Hutt my home for over a decade. In that time I have worked as a Community Leader, Ethnic Advisor, Interpreter, mentor, radio host and served on several community boards including Experience Upper Hutt.  I currently work as the Executive Officer for New Zealand Federation of Multicultural Councils, an NGO advocating for ethnic and migrant people and supporting successful resettlement of new migrants arriving into NZ.  I have experience in working with the migrant, refugee and the wider diverse communities of New Zealand.

Regarding the Pinehaven library:
I will definitely support the keeping of Pinehaven Branch library, and any other Library services for Upper Hutt.

Michael J Anderson - Attending

Michael Anderson has lived in Upper Hutt since 1996, having moved here from Palmerston North to study at CIT. He lived in Pinehaven for two years and then moved to Trentham where he has lived ever since.  In addition to electronic and computer servicing, Michael has also worked for Robertson Engineering, and the local Caltex and BP service stations for shits and giggles.  Michael lives with his partner Jan and two spoilt-rotten dogs, and enjoys gardening, watching rugby and summer swimming. 
Owner/operator of FTI Computers, Michael has considerable business experience and loves sharing his knowledge with local shops and organisations.

Regarding the Pinehaven library:
I support the Pinehaven Library, and in fact would like to see it enhanced to meet modern expectations.

Alan Dennis Jefferies - Attending

Hellen Swales - Attending

Mary Archibald - Not Attending

Michael Baines - Attending

Mark Futter - Not Attending

Blair Griffiths - Attending

Alan Dennis - Attending

Iris Pahau - Attending

Nick Thomas - Attending