Welcome to the Pinehaven Progressive Association Community

“For Pinehaven, by Pinehaven”

The Pinehaven Progressive Association (PPA) is a volunteer organisation that has been in existence for over 80 years.  The PPA is an Incorporated Society that has charitable status. 

The aim of the PPA is to protect and improve our unique Pinehaven Community. The three main functions of the PPA are to:

  1. provide the Pinehaven Community Hall for local Residents and groups to use to benefit the Pinehaven community and provide revenue
  2. host or promote Events to build community
  3. raise awareness of issues affecting Pinehaven and alert the community
  4. and to advocate for local issues of interest to Pinehaven
pinehaven hall

The Committee

The PPA Committee is required to have 4 Office Holders (President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary) to operate and 3 Committee Members. 

The PPA Committee meets monthly.

President: Kate Hunter, president@ppa.org.nz

Vice-President: Jo Wall

Treasurer: Simon Wall, treasurer@ppa.org.nz

Secretary: Adrienne Baron, admin@ppa.org.nz

Committee members: Di Workman (Hall Bookings) hall@ppa.org.nz; Mike Kitchen; Rochelle Mitchell-King; Bruce Winter; Dominic Baron, Kerrie Kubisch; Maria Christensen, Sam Branney; Ross Mason


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