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Fill the Bubble Competition

Date: Apr 22, 2020 7:56:50 PM

As we sit in our little bubbles, the good folks at the PPA thought that our fellow Pinehavenites may be interested in a competition to stimulate the mind – for all ages.

On the noticeboard you will see the guy with a speech bubble but with nothing much to say.

We have six blank speech bubbles to allow locals to test their humorous writing skills by filling the bubble with a witticism no longer than 48 characters – excluding spaces.

It must be original.

Entries for the first bubble must be in by Saturday 25th April – after that randomly….

Winners will get nothing but a minor shot at local fame and their names published on our website and facebook page.

So get your fellow bubblefolk together and come up with the first winning entry.

Send your entries to

Competition rules:

  • Maximum of 48 characters excluding spaces
  • A comment on anything is welcome
  • Must be witty – can be witty and wise
  • Cannot be nasty or offensive
  • Must be witty – can be witty and poignant
  • Close off date/time at the whim of the PPA committee
  • Must be original
  • Prize for each round is the honour of having your words in the bubble.
  • Must be witty – can be witty and topical
  • Email entries to
  • Six opportunities to fill the bubble
  • Judges’ decision is final – (PPA Committee is the judging panel unfortunately)