Annual General Meeting of the PPA will be on Wednesday 25 October 2023 at 7.30pm in the Community Hall, 5a Forest Road, Pinehaven.

Updates from the Committee

In the 2021/22 year PPA Committee’s focus was to:

  1. paint the outside of the Hall to improve and enhance the look of it for Residents
  2. increase the number of people and groups using the Hall 
  3. introduce Sell Your Stuff Saturday – a bi-monthly garage sale for Residents 
  4. provide a design for the re-instating of the Pinehaven Community Signboard at the entry of Pinehaven 
  5. restructuring how the PPA Finances are set up and managed – including having ‘two Office Holders to sign for any Financial and Bank transactions; for all Office Holders to be able to sight the Finances; for the Finances to be recorded in line with the Charities Commission Return that is required annually 
  6. host a meet the candidates evening
  7. working with a Solicitor to bring the PPA to the new standards of the Incorporated Societies Act
  8. working with a designer on a new website for PPA which includes being able to book the Hall online, become a member, donate and see current news
  9. investigating Insurance options for the PPA Hall